Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clean Garage & Green Thumb

Last weekend, Kent told me on Friday night that he had "big plans" for us on Saturday. So one might ask-"Where did he take you?" "How fun! A day trip!" NOT!!! As soon as we got up, we started working in our garage. Neither one of us have parked in our garage since I moved in. One side of the garage house the rust machine, I mean Kent's VW bus. The bus that he had to push into our garage with his truck because it does not crank or roll. That's right, the axle is rusted and the tires won't budge. But don't you worry, "{He's} going to fix it up!" WHATEVER!!! The other half housed all of our extra furniture, tools, lawn care equipment, etc. Guess what!?! I parked my car in our garage for a couple of hours on Sat afternoon. We made 3 trips to the local Hannah Home to donate items. We really should of had a yard sale, but I was too overwhelmed with all of our crap! We didn't donate some of the big ticket items, like a couch, chair and full size bed, but Hannah Home was loaded up. Kent wanted to make one more trip, but I told him that we should wait til next week so maybe they could catch up on all of the organizing they needed to do. Then, we moved the entertainment center out of our bedroom and put my old dresser in there so that we have more drawers to put our my ever growing wardrobe in. Therefore, the entertainment center is now in the center of the garage, so I can't park my car in there at this moment. But, it is soooooo much better than it was!
After we finished the garage, we went to Home Depot and bought the stuff to do our flower bed. I think it looks great!
The shrubs are left over from when they built the house and the juniper and hostas came back from last year. Kent designed the middle where the flowers are and I planted all of the flowers. We didn't come back inside until around 8:30 that night. And let me tell you, we slept GOOD!
I also wanted to share our rose bush that is in the back. I planted a $4 rose bush from WalMart the summer after Kent moved in, and I can't believe how well it has done! It has 15 buds on it and now that most of them are open, it's gorgeous! When I planted it, apparently I didn't plant it deep enough and it has started leaning really bad since it was getting so tall. (It's almost as tall as I am-5'5".) Therefore, we bought a trelis Saturday to make it more steady.

Here are a couple close up:

We have also added blueberry bushes and grape vines to our back yard, so hopefully I will be sharing some pics and eating some fruit soon! I can already see new growth on both, so hopefully that is a good sign!


Mrs. Filly said...

i want blueberry bushes! :) and yes definitely go it was perfect!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I think you planted it well lol! A job well done :)

Ashley said...

Please let me know how you keep those roses so pretty? Mine are looking terrible. I put Miracle grow on them and afterwards, they turned brown and all the petals fell off! I killed it with Miracle grow. I'm serious - please email me and let me know if you're doing something to them.