Tuesday, December 2, 2008

STOP!!! Go to these links ASAP!!!

I don't know what you are doing, but you need to stop whatever you are doing, and go to these links and check out these awesome chip in giveaways!!!
The first is from Lianna. I have posted about Lianna before, but this is huge!!! She is a young woman struggling with infertility. Her and her husband are raising money to go toward their third IVF attempt. She has an anonymous friend who donated a Kindle for her next giveaway. OMG!!! Have you seen this thing!?! It's like an Ipod for books! It retails for over $300. There are specific rules in order to get your name in the hat, so please read the steps carefully!
Next we have MckMama. If you have never read her blog before, you will totally be amazed!!! A quick summary, she was told early in her recent pregnancy that her baby would not make it. She was hospitalized for quite a bit of her pregnancy. None of the doctors thought that she would give birth to a baby that would survive. Guess what? She gave birth to a healthy full term baby boy! She is raffling off a Canon Digital Rebel package! It's an awesome prize package! Each ticket is $10 and all of the proceeds benefit 3 different organizations that are detailed in the post. I also added the link on the top right for more 411.
So like I said, Stop whatever you are doing and take a few minutes to read about the chip in giveaways and do what you can! These are some amazing ladies!!!!!

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