Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Over on MckMama, every Monday is "Not Me Monday." This is so that we can all divulge in the things that we most certainly did not do this past week. I thought that after my crazy week last week I would share my did not list with you all.
1. I did not get a notice that my car insurance had been cancelled due to non payment on Tues. I did not realize that I have had no insurance in over 1 week. And I most certainly did not forget my checkbook, have to go to the ATM and get cash since they do not do credit cards. And finally I did not drop my debit card in the floor on the way out of their office just to drive back to the insurance office for the third time that day.
2. I did not stand in front of my open blinded window and change my shirt so that people walking by can see me and my glory-because who really does that?
3. I did not go shopping every day and forget to do the one thing that he asked me to do for the week. I would never do that because I am the perfect wife. :)
4. I have not put off wrapping all of the presents that I am giving for Christmas and blogging about all the things I did not do this past week.
That was pretty fun, I think I might have to join in on the confessing more often. Check out this post for more Not Me Monday confessions.

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