Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas shopping deals

Well, I really haven't posted much lately about shopping. That doesn't mean that I haven't done a lot of it though. Thanksgiving weekend I got online a did a ton of my Christmas shopping. I did everything through ebates so I have earned a little cash back on all of my purchases. Some of the highlights of my shopping venture:
I bought 2 sweaters and a watch for $45.xx. $10 of that was the shipping charges, but I think that's pretty good for what I bought. Especially since it equalled 2 people checked off my list.
Lucky Brand:
On their website everything was 40% off. I bought a pair of earrings and a bracelet for $45. My husbands family loves some Lucky Brand jewelry and for two pieces, I would've paid over $60 in the store. One more checked off the list.
My 14yr old niece wanted some good makeup brushes, so Sephora had emailed me a $15/30 purchase. Through ebates, I got a code for free shipping and a makeup case with 15 free samples. I bought her a set of brushes, gold glitter eye shadow, a huge sephora brand makeup palette, plus the normal 3 free samples with an online purchase and the 15 other ones-all for $55.xx-Another checkmark!
Victorias Secret:
Everything was 20% off, so I bought 3 sweaters and a pair of pants for $84.xx. I must admit that the pants and one sweater will be mine, but I LOVE their Boucle sweaters!!! Plus the other 2 sweaters checked 2 more people off of the list. I do feel somewhat guilty now though. I spoke to my friend Jennifer a little while ago, and she bought the same sweater I did and when she received her package, found out that they were out of stock and the sweater had been canceled. I just received my box-I must've gotten the last one. Sorry!!! If it makes you feel any better, I tried it on and need to loose about 5 lbs before wearing it in public. I immediately grabbed a bottle of water, put on my tennis shoes and walked around my neighborhood.

I did several other transactions and my checklist for Christmas only has about 4 more people left. Mostly the men in my life. It is always so much harder to shop for men to me. I do however have Kent done. Not too shabby for a weekend of shopping.


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