Monday, December 8, 2008

Publix trip

My loot:
1 box Publix hot cocoa mix (penny item)
2 boxes Pop Secret
1 bag Tostitos scoops
5 lb flour
1 each Scotch gift wrap tape and packing tape
1 bag mini marshmallows
4 cans green giant veggies
1 jar Mt Olive dill pickles
2 jars Ragu pasta sauce
1 pouch Idaho instant potatoes
1 bottle Juicy Juice
1 Lysol bathroom cleaner
1 3lb bag apples
0.89 lb bananas
2 pkg brown sugar
1 3lb bag white potatoes
1 family size bag frozen green giant corn
2 8oz Kraft cheese blocks
1 gallon milk
2 Smart Balance butter tubs
1.5 lb lean ground beef
I saved $4.50 in MFC, $4.18 for the penny item and doubled coupons, $32.11 in advertised specials, and $0.40 in advantage buy savings.

Visit Sarah @ fiddledeedee, to see how everyone else did at Publix this week!


Brandy and Jonathan Crumly said...

Seriously, I need to learn this. One day, we should meet up and you just take me on a shopping trip and let me observe. I think that is the only way I will truly learn it and get over my fear.

Mrs. Filly said...

I def. go to publix every weekend now! I never shopped there before but the penny item sucked me in when it was oatmeal my favorite thing in the world (at least at that moment)! :) if it wasnt for you all and your coupons I never would have seen the light. So thank you!