Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NFL game

This past Sunday, Kent and I went to the Saints vs Falcons game. They were tickets that I had given him for our anniversary. Kent is a big fan of the Saints. He used to work with Deuce McAllister's cousin and we met him last year. I think that makes him like them more since he has actually met him. We were on the 20 yd line on the lower level so our seats were great! We had a great time, unfortunately the Saints lost, but at least the Deuce scored a touchdown. I also found out this morning that we got tickets to the Auburn vs Georgia game this Sat. I am really excited! We didn't get to go to a game last year. Kent's a huge GA fan, so hopefully the game will go his way! I am still an AL fan though-so Roll Tide!!! The LSU game this past Sat was a big nail biter for me! I had a bought with nausea and heartburn during the 4th quarter and overtime, but it turned out for the best-for me, so all is well!

Here are some pics of our weekend:

Enjoying the game: (No alcohol, just Kent being dumb, oh well)

Really good view:Go Saints!!

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