Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chip In Give Away

I came across a blog while I was continually linking from blog to blog. I wanted to let you know about it. She is a married woman struggling with infertility. I personally know several people who have went through/are going through the same thing and it is heart wrenching. She is trying to raise $$ for her 3rd attempt at IVF. She is giving away a Coach purse. Here's the original post. Please take the time to visit her blog and maybe donate a couple of bucks! But most importantly pray for them while they go through this season of their life!

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Jennifer said...

i just wanted to say "thanks" for posting this on your blog. sometimes it is hard to find others going through the same thing i;m going through. i linked her next giveaway. and "thank you" again for being such a great friend!!