Thursday, November 6, 2008

Great Savings!!!

I haven't really posted anything about my shopping trips lately, but this one I couldn't pass up. Especially since I saved 60%. I can't believe all of the good deals I got yesterday at Publix! I bought:
1 pkg Cottonelle
2 lg & 1 sm coffee creamers
4 pkg toll house cookies
4 pkg Pillsbury Savorings
1 Bertolli pasta dinner
1 cake mix
2 cake frostings
1 loaf bread
1 bag lettuce
1 pkg cherry tomatoes
2jars Ragu
4 cans Hunts diced tomatoes
1 Welch's grape juice
2 loreal cleansers

1 loreal cleansing wipes
1 soft scrub
1 lysol wipes
There was a $5/$35 in the Bruno's flyer that I used. Then I used $17.7 MFC and since Publix doubles coupons that are $0.50 & under that added another $8.45 discount. I saved $44.52 in advertised specials with a total savings of $70.67 and OOP cost $48.18. When my cashier was giving my receipt, she told me how much I saved and said, "pick me up off the floor, you saved $70!" It was funny and made me feel really good!!

Then I went to CVS and bought 2 Olay quench lotions, 1 Dawn and 2 big candy bars for OOP cost of $2.14 after coupons and ECBs. Not too bad!!


Jennifer said...

look i got your message yesterday when i was leaving the md. GET OUT!! how awesome are you. even clay got excited over your savings. i definitely need to hire you as my personal shopper.

Terri said...

Don't you just love the 'high' you get when people comment on your savings!

My son loves those Savorings. I'm going back tomorrow for more .. I found coupons online again!