Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Weekend

I decided to split our weekend into two different posts since I kind of ramble a little. :) Anyway, Sunday morning, we headed to Kent's sisters place at the Warrior River. They just bought a spot this year and Sunday was our first time to go. I had never been anywhere on the river, I've grown up going to Smith Lake, but I really like it! Their place is in a great location with a great view. I couldn't do anything but visit because I was going to Jennifer's baby shower at 2pm. But since I had yet to see their new vacation spot, I had to go! I watched my niece, nephew and a couple of their friends pull each other around on the innertube. They were having a great time!
Then I went to the baby shower. Everything was decorated so beautifully! Everything matched the decorations for Bryson's nursery, and the food was great! When Jennifer finished opening up all of her presents, Heather and I were looking at all of her wonderful gifts. I was looking at her bedding, and I heard "Tink!" I looked in the floor and there was a porcelain cross that I had apparently knocked in the floor-in about 5 pieces. "That really just happened." I felt sooooo bad! I found out it came from Hobby Lobby and went there today and thankfully, they had another one that I will soon replace the one that I broke. OOPS!!! Sorry Jennifer! Here is a pic of some of us from work with Jennifer in the middle:

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