Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feeling It!

Well, Monday I started my diet/exercise plan. I've been seeing soooo much advertising about P90x and Jillian Michaels's 30 day shred that I was inspired! However, after searching out the prices of each, I opted to go for the Shred since it was only $13 on ebay and P90x anywhere between $60-$120. I know myself, and therefore, if I don't completely follow through, $13 is not that bad. And 30 days sounds soooo much better than 90! So Monday was my first workout. I think that I did very well since I really haven't engaged in too much physical activity in quite a while. Plus the fact that every time I sit back down tonight at work my leg muscles are feeling the burn! I cleaned out our pantry and reorganized all of our shelves. It looks so much better and I am a lot happier with where everything is now. Everything's no longer just thrown in there. I am trying my best to start going through all of our junk and getting rid of stuff that we don't need. It's just so hard when you've both had a house and neither one of you want to let anything go. I have my moments where I just want to throw away everything, and try to forget about whatever it was. Then there are days that I just look at our extra bedroom junk room, I just close the door back and pretend that it doesn't exist. But I do think that before summer is over, I WILL finish what I started a long time ago and get that room cleaned out! And maybe turn it into an actual guest bedroom. AAAHHHH...Wouldn't that be nice!


JanahWilliams said...

First of all...I completely relate with cleaning out all of your junk. Mike and I did that last Saturday, and we threw away bags and bags full of stuff. It felt/feels so great to get rid of junk! Secondly...good luck with the diet. It's hard but rewarding. After the baby's born, I'm going on weight watchers. I already can't wait!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Good luck on the shred! x