Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A couple of months ago, Heather and I decided that we wanted to go see the Broadway show Wicked. I bought tickets, and when Kent found out, he pitched a small fit. Telling me that he couldn't believe that I didn't get him a ticket because I knew he wanted to go. (Which I didn't.) The Wizard of Oz is one of his favorite movies so he thought that he wanted to see it. Therefore, I cancelled my plans with Heather and told Kent that the ticket was his. He was a little bummed because I had bought tickets for a Thursday night, since he had to work on Friday. He is used to getting his full 8 hours of sleep and knew that we would be getting home a little late. He was okay with that-a couple of months ago.
Fast forward to this past Thursday night. Kent gets home from work,the conversation starts:
Kent-"Why couldn't Heather go?" "Did you ask your mom to go with you?" "You have a movie on your ipod in case I don't like this don't you?" etc. etc....
Mary- "You wanted to go to this, do you just want to stay at home?"
Kent- "I do. I was just asking questions. Is that not okay?"
Mary-"It's fine, but you are not acting like you want to go."
Kent-"Oh yeah, it will be fun. I just wish that it was on the weekend. You know I have to work tomorrow."
Mary-"You're 32. You can miss a little sleep. You will be alright."

We are in the car driving. I tell him twice to just turn around, and I will go by myself. I also inform him that I am no longer looking forward to this because he has just completely spoiled my good mood by the way he is acting.

The show starts:
Kent: "Is this a musical? Do they sing the whole time?"

Conclusion of the night:
I loved Wicked!!! However-
Kent will NEVER attend a broadway show with me again!!!!!!

His conclusion: "I would rather go to my own funeral."


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Rebecca Louise. said...

I would have gone with you and just been in awe of the stage show!

I have one word for Kent = Men! lol.

Anonymous said...

Just like a guy!! That's hilarious!!

Jennifer said...

i cannot stop laughing:) did he honestly not know that it was a musical? i still hope you had a good time!!

Trina said...

omw that is hilarious! i can imagine i would have been just as annoyed LOL

Blakely said...

I found your blog through Trina. I am going to see Wicked on Sunday with my husband. We went to see Beauty and the Beast when it came to Montgomery and they sang during that, and I have made him sit threw all the shows at Disney World so I think I'm okay. Other than your husband was the show good?

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