Tuesday, April 7, 2009


In December, I wrote this post and shared a few of my wish list items. Well, the only reason that we now have one item on that list is because I bought it. I got Kent a blu ray DVD player for Christmas along with the Planet Earth series. (Awesome, by the way!) Anyway, on the top of that list was the Kindle.

It's Amazon's wireless reading device. Well, with a price tag of over $300, let's just say it's not in the cards for me to have one at this time. Guess what!?! Everyone who knows me knows that I am totally addicted to my itouch ipod. Kent got it for me Christmas before last and I rarely leave my house without it. It's almost unhealthy. So, the other night at work, I am browsing the app store and what do I see-the Kindle app. I looked into it and it said that with this app, you can read Kindle books on your itouch/iphone. They are wirelessly transferred directly to your itouch after purchase and if I ever get an actual Kindle, it will sync them together bookmarking whatever I am reading on each device. OMG!!!! I have a mini kindle and it didn't cost me a dime. Of course, I will have to buy the books on Amazon, but that's fine by me!!! I downloaded the app for free and I am halfway through my first book. I will say it again- I LOVE my itouch!!!


Mrs. Filly said...

oh my gosh that is awesome!!! eric's been wanting to get me a touch and i havent been that excited cause i want a kindle! now that i know this precious information i may just say hey that's a good idea for one of these days when we get a chance! :)

Jennifer said...

you have an addiction:) i'm so jealous!! not to mention you ALWAYS find such great deals!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

One of the patients on the ward I just worked on had one of those. She explained it to me and I thought what a load of toddle! Your're explanation makes it sound way cooler lol!

I am not a gadget girl but this does sound like something I would love! Have fun ticking it off your list X.

Trina said...

Wow that is great Mary! I love it when you don't buy a big ticket item right away and you get a cheaper (or better, free) alternative!

I was going to get the ipod shuffle for free with my Swagbucks, but I waited and someone gave me theirs for free :)

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