Thursday, June 26, 2008


I was at church on Wed night serving at my coffee station. For those of you who don't know, I go to Church of the Highlands and serve on the Hospitality team as a coffee greeter. We have coffee stations throughout the church with free Starbucks. How awesome is that!?! I stand at the station and greet people, meet you with a smile, and clean up every one's messes. I love doing it!!! Well, anyway, this week I am standing there and see this girl who looks very familiar. I asked her what her name was and she said her first name and I completed it by saying her last name. She lived like a mile down the road from me growing up and her sister graduated with my older sister from high school. Then this other lady behind her says, "You are not Teresa Reid's daughter?" I said yes and she told me who she was. Then there was the typical OMG!!! squealing and hugging that happens when you haven't seen someone in a long time. This lady was my grandfather's secretary when he owned his own business until I was like ten. I had not seen her in about 10-15 years and couldn't believe that I would run into her at my church in Birmingham. we caught up on where we were in life and said our goodbyes. It is so good to see people that you haven't seen in forever-especially at church!!! God is sooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!
Here I am at work on day 4 YEAH hump day!!! only 3 more to go. My father in law was moved to the nursing home today. He had massive brain bleed on April 23rd, spent a month in the hospital after brain surgery and was moved to an assisted living facility until a room opened up for him in the nursing home. This is an answer to prayer!!! He is completely paralyzed on his left side and needs help doing everything. It is so incredibly sad to see, but I know that this entire situation has purpose and God is in control! I have been blessed to see a different side of my husband throughout this entire ordeal also. Everyday I am reminded of what a wonderful man I have been blessed to share my life with. He is so caring and loving beyond words.

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volleygirl11 said...

hey mary reid... o i mean mary hall sorry its still taking time to get that through my head!! haha so when did you decide to take up blogging?? not that i think its weird or anything i think its pretty cool and soo sufisticated!! lol!! so when you gonna make a blog about you and your fav. hilliar chick.. and all the good days where guys or men didnt offense kent.. mary is so blessed to have a fella like you!! =) but back to the good old days.. well my good old days where you would take me to get a tub (yes a tub) of chocolate ice cream from dairy queen!! and we would just sit in the floor right in front of the tv and watch days and full house!! boy was that fun.. dont tell kali but i always loved you as a babysitter.. cause you didnt get on to me (kali did)!! =) haha well i was just gonna contribute to your blog!! haha well i have to go!! =) =) i love you both dearly.. yal mean the world to me!! =) =) o and if and when you decide to have a baby i will be old enough to babysit and i mean hey i learned from the best... =) =)

<3 LOVE YA!! brooke =)