Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day in Auburn

My older sis turned 30 last week, so Kali Aubrey and I traveled to Auburn to take her out to lunch on Saturday. I'm awful and didn't take any pics of all of us. I did however, ride in the backseat with Aubrey on the way home from lunch and played photographer for her. She was instructing me on what to take a picture of. It mostly consisted of her holding all of her items: Here she is with her puppy whose name was Roxy on the way to Auburn and Sparkles on the way home:

This is her holding her DVD, little TV (her dad's iTouch), her my little pony, Roxy, her leapster, and her new pom poms:Here is "us"and lastly, here is Roxy wearing Aubrey's new pom poms as bracelets:She is just so much fun! We watched the first 10 minutes of Mary Poppins about 3 times since she has to restart the movie each time she gets in the car. She loved the fact that I knew all of the songs and could sing them to her. We had a really great day that included a stop at Gigi's cupcakes, lunch at an Irish pub, browsing through some bookstores, and just chatting at Ashley's. It was a great all girl day celebrating Ashley's 30th.

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