Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Beach

We've been at the beach since Friday and I am having the best time! I worked Thurs night and Kent worked half a day on Friday, so we didn't leave our town until around 5pm. We still had a lot of packing and loading to do since we brought the dogs with us, so let's just say that it was eventful. Lucy does NOT like to travel, so we stopped at WalMart and bought some children's Ben@dryl to attempt to calm her down. She did NOT enjoy that and it did absolutely NO good! She sat in my lap and trembled the entire way! We got to the condo around 9 and started unloading. We found out about a month ago that our condo had been overbooked for the first 3 nights of our stay. The lady was wonderful and did get us into a condo below ours so we just had to move up. We had gotten such a great deal that we couldn't find a better deal at all. I didn't like the fact that we had to move, but money wise, it was well worth it. Since we knew we were going to move, we really didn't unpack anything, we just lived out of our suitcases.

Our first full day, we went to the grocery store and got a few snacks since college football started!! We had pizza for lunch and we watched Kent's Dawgs win big. We took a nap and got ready for my official birthday dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe. Kent was rushing me to get ready and when we got there I realized why. My parents had driven down to eat with us and stay the night! What a wonderful surprise!!! I couldn't believe that Kent had orchestrated this! It was so sweet and such a great birthday gift! Dinner was so delicious! I tried every one's dish and decided that my crab cakes were the best. My mom thought that her jambalaya was since she had been dreaming about it since the day that Kent called and told her where we were going.

After dinner, we went back to the condo to watch my parent's Auburn Tigers, and so I could check on my Crimson Tide. All of our teams won, so it proved to be a great day for all of us!

After the games, we all took a stroll on the beach, and Kent's mom and step dad arrived around 10:30pm. I knew they were coming so that was not a surprise:)

The next morning mom and I went for a looooong walk on the beach and it was so nice to just have some mom and daughter time before they hit the road.

The weekend was super fun and now we are all unpacked on the 8th floor with everything in order. We've also eaten at our all time fave Bahama Bob's and of course Lulu's. Tonight Kent and Kenny are cooking and Donna and I are watching HGTV and blogging. After 2 full days out in the sun, I am ready for a laid back night. I didn't bring my camera cord, so there are no pics right now, but maybe when we get back I will add...

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