Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beach Part 2

We got back from the beach around 6pm on Monday night. We had so much fun!! Other than being almost swallowed by a Portuguese Man of War on our last day in the ocean, it was perfect. My face was literally about 3 inches from being that thing's lunch! It is highly likely that I screamed like a little school girl upon seeing it and make Kent drag me all the way to safety while I stayed safely on my raft. I did not step foot back in the ocean after that. At least is was our last day right!?!
Anyway, we spent soooo much moolaa on food, but I wouldn't change it! We tried a total of 3 new places while there and all three were wonderful! If you are in the Orange beach area, you need to try out Flippers! It's a little farther out and on canal road, but that food was so good and they had some pretty cheap lunch specials. I read an article in Southern Living magazine and I am so glad that I read that article.
I finished reading Barefoot by Elin Hildebrand and started Beach Music by Pat Conroy. I still have about 150 pages left, but I am really enjoying it. It's 800 pages long and has a bunch of history mixed in the novel. These are my first books by those authors and I will definitely be reading some more by them.
I just love Gulf Shores/Orange Beach so much. I think that Kent and I will end up living there in a couple of years. I am just so much more relaxed and have such a better outlook on life while I am there. That may just be that I don't have to go to work and deal with people, but I'm just going to say that it's a sign...
Now I am back in the "real world." Working and losing sleep, just your typical night shifter.
I am heading to Huntsville when I get off of work for our arts and craft show. It started yesterday and we have done well so far, just pray that it continues through the weekend.

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