Saturday, July 24, 2010


I don't know about you, but I feel like it has been waaaaaay hotter than normal lately! Our air conditioner has been running non stop every day and it still struggles to stay less than 78 degrees in the afternoons. A couple of weeks ago, I bought some new curtains for our dining room because it seems like when the sun sets, it's just beaming right in. Our dining room and kitchen are open to each other and the walls are a brick red with white trim wainscoting. It was hard to find curtains that would look good in there, so I went with some that I had in my old house. Unfortunately I had to re buy them since I had to "leave all window treatments" in the contract. That's okay, my house sold in 6 months with a downward spiralling market! This is what I got:
So today, I decided that we needed to put some in the den since the double window is facing where in the sun sets too and the ceiling is vaulted. I chose some panels that are room darkening and have a flannel lining and claim that they are "energy saving." We'll see! I have no doubt that my power bill for this past month is gonna be outrageous!!! I'm just wondering if they will really make a difference. Anyway, I chose to go with some crimson panels since the walls in our den are a khaki color and you can see the dining room/kitchen through the arch. I bought these:JUST the panels! I did not buy that valance, I will never buy that valance!! It has lace on it *shudder*!!! I've never really been that in to having curtains on every window, but I'm also not that big on a hefty power bill either, so I guess it's the lesser of two evils.


Mary said...

Love the panels! With 3 boys, we aren't into lacey things, either!

JanahWilliams said...

Well, I love curtains on every window. I must get it from my mom. :) They're cute!

And I must has been way hotter than normal!