Monday, July 19, 2010

Furniture Update

Well this past week was week #6, so my furniture was supposed to be here. I called on Thursday and was put on hold several times before I talked with a manager. He was very nice and apologized greatly. It was late in the day and the manufacturer was closed so he said they would call me back the next day with a status report.
Well, I worked day shift Friday and missed the call from my salesman that my order had been backed out and I needed to call so that we could discuss "other options."
I was very confused so I just stopped by there on my way home from work. My salesman was with another customer but I ended up speaking with a manager. The furniture that I ordered had so many orders that the new shipping date for everything would now be the end of September.
WHAT!?! My options were to wait with a discount, choose a different set with a discount, or just cancel all together. I was a little bit stunned and wanted to talk to hubs about it before making a decision.
Well, today, I went up there and chose a different set. Even though I was quite upset about the whole issue, everyone up there was very accommodating. It helps that I understood that it was not their fault. They told me what the computer was showing at the time.
Anyway, I ended up getting a set that I had really liked at the time, but chose not to get it because it was a little too expensive. With the discount, and the fact that I had already paid the bulk of the total, this new set was only $100 over my original price range. Plus the fact that I have worked a LOT of extra the past two work weeks, that $100 is taken care of:) Well, without further ado.....

Our new bedroom furniture! It has a lot more storage space than the other and the dresser is the high top, so I am very happy with the change. It's supposed to be here in 2-3 weeks, so here's hoping!!!

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