Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random Blogginess

I hope that now that my life is becoming a little more settled, I will be back to regularly scheduled blogging. For now, I thought that I would be like so many of my friends and share 25 Random Facts about myself.
1. My middle name used to be Judith. When I got married I dropped it and kept my maiden name as my new middle name. I was named after my aunt who was told that she could not have any children. Three years later my cousin was born.
2. That cousin I just mentioned-Jonathan-is my only first cousin. Tons of second cousins, one first cousin.
3. I still get together every Christmas with my friends from high school. I may not talk to all of them throughout the year, but we have a get together every Christmas.
4. I have always hated weenie dogs, chihuahuas, and poodles. I think they are ugly and who would ever want to have a dog that is 2 inches tall and five feet long-my husband that's who.
5. I am never satisfied with my hair. I get a lot of compliments on it because I can wear it straight, curly and it looks different just about everyday. Honestly, it gets on my nerves.
6. Before I met my husband, the two previous guys that I dated, my family strongly did not like. When I started dating Kent, my mom told me she knew that I would marry him after about 3 months. I was shocked!
7. I love shoes! I own about 100 pair and have about 15 pair that I have never worn, but they are cute so I can't get rid of them. I will wear them at some point!
8. I grew up on a mini-farm. My parents own 4 chicken houses, not chicken coops in the back yard but 4 very long houses that hold thousands of chickens. Imagine the surprise of Kent when he sees them thinking that they were just a coop in the back yard. HILARIOUS!
9. I had a science teacher in high school that let us watch Fern Gully and Free Willy more times than I can count.
10. I had to take 2 years of Spanish in high school to get my advanced diploma. I hated my teacher and he hated me. We even had a conversation about not liking each other. I still made an A in the class.
11. I moved out on my own 2 weeks before I graduated college. I called it my matchbox house. It was a 2BR/1BA house that was tee tiny but supercute!
12. I have had a job since I was 15. My parents always gave me an allowance, but I didn't think that it was enough so I got a job.
13. I love zebra print. I had a huge zebra area rug that my husband made me get rid of since he can't stand the whole safari theme.
14. I bought curtains for our bedroom 7 months ago. They are still in the package in the floor under the window.
15. I have had my Volvo for 3 years next month. This is the longest I have ever owned a car. I have no plans of getting rid of it either.
16. I have been "snipe hunting" before. I have also taken people it's really a lot of fun!
17. My favorite soft drink is Sun Drop. When I moved to Shelby county, they didn't have it so when I went to Cullman, I would bring some home with me. Now they sell it at my Publix so I am happy.
18. I don't like confrontation. It hurts my feelings and makes me cry. This is the reason I could never be anyone's boss.
19. I secretly want to open up either a restaurant or a craft store. I don't have any sense of how to run a business but I think it would be fun.
20. I am addicted to my itouch! I love it. Now that I have updated my version, it's with me everywhere. I listen to music while I am shopping, scrapbooking, etc. I also play some of the most ridiculous games on it too!
21. Kent and I bought hardwoods tonight. He says that we are going to put them in next weekend. Hopefully this will go a little better than when we built my fence together.
22. I saw "The Fonz" at World of Wheels Friday night. I refused to go up to him and talk, but I have a pic on my phone to prove that I was there.
23. I had Lasik eye surgery 4 years ago. It was the best decision to have it done! Quick easy and I could see without my glasses/contacts that afternoon.
24. I love my husband! He has been my rock throughout this time with my grandmother! He spent the afternoon with me Monday and when he got home, he brought me the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers with my fave-stargazer lilies! The card said, Just Because I Love You-Kent
25. I love my family! We have gotten so much closer (I didn't know that was possible) in the past 2 months. It's a shame that I don't have a desire to live in Cullman, but being 1.5 hours away isn't really that bad.
Well, I don't think that you could get any more random than that. Hope you stuck through to the end. 25 is kind of a lot. :)


Mrs. Filly said...

yea you were quite detailed with your random facts :) i stuck thru though...i am at really do i have something better to! :)! i've never heard of sun drop..i assume its like sunkist?..and i dont know what snipe hunting is...oh well :)!

Brandy and Jonathan Crumly said...

What size shoe do you wear? If you have a big foot like me, I want to come shopping in your closet!! I LOVE LOVE shoes too!

Trina said...

Oh, you should totally yake Mrs. Filly snipe hunting. And I wanna come watch LOL

And what size shoe do you wear? I am sneaking in your closet if it's an 8 1/2. :)