Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year everyone, if anyone is reading... Hope all of you had a great holiday and enjoyed some great time with family! I was completely exhausted after all of our tours and we enjoyed some nice down time at the beach last week. It started mid December with my family traveling to Disney. I rode with my older sis and we finally got to the Coronado Springs at 3am. We then got up and ready around 7am and headed to Hollywood Studios. We spent the full day there and Ashley and I headed to Epcot for their fireworks display. Loved it! I was totally bummed the next day when I found out I had missed the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Apparently they don't have those every night:( Oh well, the vacation went on... The next day we spent an entire day at the Magic Kingdom and went to Downtown Disney and ate a Planet Hollywood for dinner. I spent a lot of time getting an autograph book signed for Loni's kids, so I have tons of pics of me with characters. It's quite funny. Friday we spent half of the day at Animal Kingdom and the other half at Epcot. Kali and I got to spend some time together that night when her hubs took Aubrey back to the hotel to play. We ended up catching the bus and heading to Hollywood Studios to ride the Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror again since those are our favorites. We went back to Planet Hollywood for dinner and ordered the two most expensive things on the menu since it was our last meal to eat on our dining plan. She had an entire slab of ribs and I had a steak that we maybe ate about 1/3 of. Saturday, we went back to ride our two favorite rides as a send off and it started raining. We went to Downtown Disney to finish our souveneir shopping and headed home. I got home around 10pm to my sick little puppy. Lucy had scratched her eye and had a severe infection, so she was on 3 different eye ointments and a pain med twice a day. There was even some talk about her possibly going blind and losing her eye. Thank you Lord it never came to that! She's fine now, she will always have a small scar right in the center of her eye, but you wouldn't know it if you haven't heard about it. The following Monday started my work week back and was Christmas week so that was a definite whirlwind of get togethers and lack of sleep.

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