Saturday, June 12, 2010


Kent's first cousin happens to be marrying my BFF's sister, Lauren in August. Everyone is Kent's family has been talking about what to wear, what to wear. I found this dress on shabby apple and fell in love with it.
I got it and it actually fits! I've been on the lookout for the perfect shoes and when I saw Sex and the City 2, I fell in love with Carrie's Christian Louboutin gold glitter shoes. Well, I cannot afford the hefty price of $900 for a pair of shoes, therefore I needed some knockoffs! I've been searching for some and finally found some that I love!
I found them on and they had free 2 day shipping, so they should be here on Tuesday! And for $40, they are perfect! I am so excited about this outfit. They are getting married at the Tutweiller Hotel and I just know that it will be beautiful! I can't wait until August!

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