Friday, June 11, 2010


Back in September of '08, I wrote a post and asked everyone's opinion about some bedroom furniture. Well, guess what I finally did!?! Bit the bullet and finally ordered some! I didn't order any of the 3 that I posted about, but I am super excited about what I did order. When Kent moved into our house, he had a hand me down king size bedroom suite. It's good, it's just not my style. It's a little older and is solid oak. It's done the job for several years, but I wanted bedroom furniture when we first got married, because I just thought that it was the one bedroom that is truly "ours." We registered for bedding, got all of it at our showers and I have refused to put it on our bed until we got new furniture. Yes, it's been 2.5 years and my new bedding is still in the closet. Kinda sad really, but I just wanted to redo the entire thing. I haven't decided if I am going to paint or not, but I am shopping for a rug. We put hardwood down, and I think that a rug would look great coming out of the end of the bed. Here's what I ordered:

And this is our bedding that will soon be taken out of the boxes:)

I cannot wait to get all of this out and put together. I only have about 5 more weeks until it's delivered:) Now I need to find a rug!

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Jen said...

Love the furniture and love, love, love the bedding. I really like the brown and blue colors mixed together!

Have fun getting everything up, put together and organized!