Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

The holiday traveling season has truly began! The fact that we live about 45 min from Kent's family and about 1.5 h away from mine, means that we are just constantly in motion throughout the holiday seasons for all of our get togethers. Kent's mom and I both worked Thanksgiving day. She works days and I work nights. When I asked her what we were going to do, she had decided that we could all just eat a Cracker Barrel that night, then cook one night the next week. We already had plans the Sat afterward for my family's dinner. Kent has never been a big fan of Cracker Barrell (crazy-I know!), so when he found out his mom's plans, he decided that he would just cook everything himself. He mixed up the dressing a couple of weeks ago and froze it so that he would be ahead of the game. His sis made homemade mac and cheese and he fixed the rest. The menu was: fried turkey, smoked ham, black eye peas, green beans, mac & cheese, rolls, dressing. Way too much food for all of us, but it did provide us with plenty of left overs for the rest of the weekend. Here's the happy cook. So proud of all of his creations!


Mrs. Filly said...

How lucky do u feel? I feel super lucky that not only does my husband like to cook but he's good at it too! We r lucky! :)

Rebecca Louise. said...

I like to see men at work in the kitchen, a scene I see too few of in my household hehe. Pleased you had such a nice time! :) xo