Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crafts & Cupcakes!

The first weekend in December was our 3rd time to be in an arts & crafts show. It was in Huntsville on that Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We did really well and plan to continue to be in the NEACA shows up there. We had some new items that really were a hit and if you need a personalized badge reel, I can hook you up!

Well, Loni's chiropracter had told her that he was probably going to be coming with his wife to the show and asked if we had ever had Gigi's cupcakes. Neither one of us had even heard of them, so he brought us a sampling. OMG!!!!! Can you say heaven in a box!?! He brought us a mint chocolate apple spice, coconut, and regular with pink icing. Can you see how amazing they were?

And do you see how high this icing is?

I might have to make a special trip to Huntsville just for Gigi's!

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