Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wish List

Last year, around Christmas, I posted a this wish list. Mind you I only got one thing listed, (only because I bought it-hubs does not take hints) but I thought I might as well do it again this year.

I would still love to have the Kindle...

However, I did download the free app on my iTouch and it works the same, just the screen is sooooo much bigger on the Kindle.

New boots...

I went to DSW last week and found these boots. Are they not awesome!?! I carried them around for 30 minutes contemplating whether or not to buy them. Suddenly, I had a come to Jesus moment and He told me to put them up and immediately leave the store. I obeyed, reluctantly and am so glad I did. I ended up with a $165 vet bill on Monday that was supposed to be around $70. No boots for me. (At least right now.:))

I've always wanted some Dansko shoes for work. A lot of my coworkers have some and always talk about how comfy they are. Well, last week I saw these:These are screaming my name! Zebra print-OMG!!! It is an obsession, but I LOVE it!!!

Books: I have a list of books that I would love to have the time to read:

Karen Kingsbury-Take Two, Shades of Blue

Stephanie Meyer-Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Host

Sophie Kinsella-all of the shopaholics books

Lastly, I would like to get a new Blu ray DVD player that has Netflix streaming with it. Our blu-ray player has been on the fritz and the price has gone waaaaay down since I bought ours last year.