Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time flies!

WOW!!! Is Thanksgiving really tomorrow!?! These past couple of months seem to have just flown by and I can't seem to catch up. Loni and I are in an arts & crafts festival next weekend, so all of my free time is consumed with making bows, bow holders, letters, sewing, painting...... the list goes on and on. I have yet to put up my Christmas tree and I must say that it is stressing me out! My family is coming to our house on the 19th and I really wanted to have my Christmas village out, multiple trees up and the house to be more organized, but I don't think that it will be up to par. We just have so much clutter! Last week I bought a new cube shelf for my "craft room" and tried to organize things a little better, but now that I have been working non stop on items, everything is just strewn about. I know Kent is about to have a conniption fit because of all of the stuff I am working on. Hopefully after next weekend I can put it all away for at least a month and reorganize my life and house! That's the plan anyway!

Is everyone else as busy as we are around the holidays? I have my schedule of all of the get togethers and we are booked solid on Saturdays until next year. I guess that's all a part of being married and trying to work all of the get together's in without hurting anyone's feelings. But I must say that it is incredibly tough when you work night shift, have to sleep at some point, and live 1.5h away from my family and 45 min away from hubs family. Oh well, that is the life we live...

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