Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scary Story

The other day, I was reminiscing about one of my trips to NYC and remembered a sticky situation we were almost in. When my younger sis graduated from high school, we went to NYC. There were 4 of us ranging in age from 18-23. I had been twice before, so I kinda knew a little bit about how to get from here to there. Especially when you mainly want to do all of the same sight seeing and buying Coach or Louis Vuitton purses on the street. I may or may not have several of those. :) Anyway, if you've been, you know that you are approached by numerous people in front of stores asking if you would like to buy a name brand purse/bag at a discounted price. Said bags may be knock offs or stolen, but this process is completely illegal. (Didn't know that for a while.) Anyway, three of us were on our way back to the hotel when we were approached by a man. I said sure and proceeded to follow him into a building. I had heard of the "back rooms" before and just thought that he was going to be taking us there. Well, he proceeds to get in line for the elevator. We are right behind him and I see him motion to two other bigger men. This is the point that the knot forms in my stomach. I fiddle with my phone, trying to think of a plan to get us away when the elevator door opens. One look and the Lord took over. I threw my hands in the air and starting saying, "Claustrophobic, OMG! Claustrophobic!!!" and high tailed it out the door with my sis and her friend following me. The men were saying something about stairs, but we were so far out the door almost running toward our hotel before ever looking back. My life flashed before my eyes with a headline reading "Three Holly Pond Girls Missing in NYC." Needless to say, we never walked along that part of the street again, nor attempted to go into any "back rooms" from that point on. I love some Coach and Louis Vuitton, but I love my life so much more! I just thank God that my instincts kicked in when they did and we never had to find out what might have been.

Have you ever been in a scary situation?

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Rebecca Louise. said...

Oh my!!! How awful!!!

I have been in some scary situations. The most scary was when I when my friend nearly drowned in a lake. Luckily I had her phone on me (as I didnt have one!) and called the ambulance! x