Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Long Day!!!

The Thursday before we left to go to Mexico my BFF Heather finally had Addison. I was able to be at the hospital and meet the little cutie shortly after she was born. That Friday was the day before we left. I had a big day planned since I still had a lot of packing and cleaning to do before we left at 5am Saturday morning. I had worked that Thursday night, so I got home from work and slept about 3 hours. I woke up and finished Heather's hooter hider that I was making for her before I went to see them one last time before leaving for a week. I also planned to go to the post office and mail out a custom order from our website so they would get it while I was gone. I was rushing around before I left and apparently left my brain at home. I got to the post office and had left my wallet at home. I had a $10 and thought surely that would be enough to mail off the package and then realized that I had left the address at home too. Awesome! I was trying to get everything done early so that I could be home around 4. I live in Shelby County-Traffic. is. HORRIBLE!!!!! If I have to drive during the day, I plan my day around the traffic. My plans were quickly changing and I thought that everything would work out just in the opposite schedule. Go see Heather, come home and make it back to the post office before 4. Life was good. I thought. I was so happy to get to see that Heather was feeling better and I got to hold Addison for more than 5 minutes, the hooter hider was a hit. Life was good. I was trying to leave around 3 and suddenly realize that there are no keys in my purse. Life was NOT good. I drive a Volvo. I have no wallet. I live in Shelby County. Everything was quickly crumbling. FYI-the security dept at the hospital can break into your car if it's a 2000 model or older. FYI-it costs at least $80 for a locksmith to even show up where you are. FYI-my husband was in the middle of a meeting and ended up not getting home until after 8:30 that night. FYI-I still haven't packed a single thing in a suitcase and I leave in about 12 hours.

I was so upset with myself. I ended up calling my mother in law who came to the rescue and took me home. I tried for about 15 minutes to unsuccessfully break into my house then my neighbor came over and it took him about 2 seconds. Good to know. I think the dead bolt will be locked even if I am at home from now on. I retrieved my extra key, my wonderful mother in law got to see our house in a very disastrous state (embarrassing!!!) and then helped fold a monstrous pile of clothes. The night was not a total disaster since I got to spend it with one of my favorite people just talking it up as we sat in traffic. I also decided that since the day was already totally gone, we might as well have something good to eat. I <3 Zoe's!!!

I ended up getting home around 8pm and only stayed up till a little after midnight finishing up what I had planned on doing that day. Then we woke up around 4 and headed to Atlanta to catch our flight.

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