Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oxford Trip

I've been a little absent due to the passing of my precious Gus. It's been harder than expected, but slowly I am getting better. Now, we can catch up on all of the weekend shenanigans...

As you know last weekend, Kent was in a wedding in Oxford. We left bright and early on Friday morning since Kent was playing golf with the groomsmen at 9am. I dropped Kent off, and had the day to myself. Thanks to Suzanne I knew to head to the Bottletree Bakery for breakfast. I had a mocha and a cup of granola in this quaint little bakery and read for about an hour. Then I headed to the square to check out some of the shops. I loved the bookstore and a little store called Peridot. Most of the other stores were a little too rich for my wallet, but it was nice to just browse for a while. I headed over to the hotel to see if I could possibly check in early, but since everybody from the wedding was checking in and none of the rooms were ready 2pm was the earliest. I found an antique store that I spent about 1.5 hours in just looking around. I wanted to buy so many things, but since I drive a compact car, nothing I wanted would've fit. I left empty handed. I spent the rest of the day just riding around looking at some wonderful architecture and giving myself a tour of the Ole Miss campus.

By the time I could check in, Kent was at the hotel. We had a late lunch at Boure of some really good cheese dip. It had andouille sausage and green chilies...YUM!!! Then it was time to get ready for the rehearsal. They got married at a gorgeous older church with a huge stained glass. The rehearsal dinner was at the Rib Cage with grilled chicken, new potatoes, green beans and lemon ice box pie.
Then we were off to Old Venice Pizza's Burgundy Room for a "Party on the Eve." I met one of the groom's cousin's and we quickly became "best friends."
We hung out the rest of the night and then again at the reception. Too bad Katie lives all the way in D.C. We got back to the hotel around 1.
Kent with the groom:

Saturday, I was awakened by the phone call about Gus, so I stayed in the bed the rest of the morning. Kent had a groomsman's breakfast at 10 and when he got back, we slept the day away. It was exactly what I needed. Kent had to be at the church for pics at 3:30, so I dropped him off and went back to the hotel to get ready.
The wedding was beautiful and the party left on a double decker bus.
The only time I've ever seen Kent in a tux. (he says the last too):
The reception was sooooo much fun! They had a live band, plenty of great food, and the cake was fabulous! Oh, by the way: LOVED my dress. Very comfortable and fit great!

Every single time I tried to get a picture of Kent and I, he would either look away or not smile. His philosophy is that you only smile 10% of your life, so why would you want a bunch of pics looking different than any other time. On my nerves!!!

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Rebecca Louise. said...

I love the dress, the colour suits you great! x