Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Things I love about summer:
-Riding to work with my sunroof open.
-Going to the beach every chance we get. Even if it's just for the day. (Yes, we've done that on 3 different Saturdays now.)
-Sonic and their new Cherry Limeade Chiller.
-Colorful flowers in my flower beds.
-Bright colored clothing-yellow is my fave right now.
-Homemade ice cream
-ice cream in general, every day...
-So You Think You Can Dance

What are some of your summer faves?


Mrs. Filly said...

-my flowers

-laying out at the pool (haven't had enough of that)


-riding my bike around with brodie in the basket :)

-wearing flowy comfy dresses

- Pepper Place browsing every Saturday possible!

Caroline said...

I have to agree with everything on your summer list!!! Cute blog!