Wednesday, April 13, 2011


For my sister in law's birthday last weekend, she decided that we would all get together at Tannehill state park and grill out. I decided to just go early and take the pups since my mother in law was there. Let me just tell you, three dogs by yourself on leashes is some work! When I first got there I just tied their leashes off on a tree so that I could go and get their cables and bowls. Before I walked off, Max decided to take a leak at the waters edge. Of course he's a little unstable and plopped right in the water. I quickly pulled him up and directed him away from the creek. When I got back from the car, Donna was yelling at me to hurry. Max had jumped back in the water after the ducks and when she tried to pull him back to safety, he got out of his collar/leash and was walking in the water with nothing. Every couple of steps he was going completely under so I yanked off my shoes and socks and jumped in to retrieve the old man before he stayed under. It was disgusting! He attempted several more times to get in the water, but I made sure the cable was short after that fiasco! Poor Lucy really doesn't know what to do being outside for extended periods of time. Everytime we walked by the camper, Lucy tried to go inside. She is not much for the outdoors! After about 5 hours of being outside, Max finally gave it up and got in his bed. He was so tired. When it was time for them to eat, Max decided he needed dinner in bed, courtesy of the hubs. Those are the only 2 pics that I took, but we had a really good time! Our great friend Mark grilled some yummy steaks, and Donna fixed a salad bar that would put Ruby Tuesday to shame.


Anonymous said...

Nice dog!!

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