Monday, May 3, 2010

Attn all moviegoers!

If you know me, you know that Kent and I love to go to the movies. Last night, after I woke up, I decided that we would go to the movies. I've really been wanting to see Date Night with Steve Carrell, so we went to the matinee. It was a little slow at first for me, but it turned out to be really funny once it got moving. We went to the car after the movie was over and Kent asked me if I wanted to go see A Nightmare on Elm Street. We had about 20 minutes before it started, so we just sat in the car and played on our iphones.
About 20 minutes into the movie, I heard a child start crying. Are you kidding me!?!
#1-Who brings their approx 2yr old to a horror movie!?!
#2-If you do #1, get your butt up and take your child out of the theater when they start crying!

I did not pay about $20 to go attempt to watch a movie and listen to your baby crying!

Talk about getting very irritated! I might have shushed a couple of times and then, when the childe started screaming and crying for about the 4th time, I yelled out "Come On!!" A couple of people started laughing and one person clapped.

I am all about taking your child places and doing things, but seriously!?!

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Mrs. Filly said...

thats hilarious!!! i love the "come on!!!" hahahaha