Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The rest of Christmas

Here are a few more pics from our family Christmas get togethers.

This is a truly messed up attempt at a family picture with Kent's family. This is unfortunately the best one since hubs decided to act a hot mess the entire time.

This was prior to all of the shenanigans-Kent and Donna (my mother in love)

This is Lauren and me:

Fortunately for me, Lauren is my BFF's sister who just so happens to be marrying Kent's first cousin. Therefore, Heather and I will be semi related. (Haha!)

We also traveled to Cullman for both my mom's side and my dad's side of the family. This is all of the grandchildren with our 90yr old grandmother. She's still feisty as ever! Take in mind that this was after I had been up all night working, so yes, I look a hot mess!

Aubrey cheesing for the camera:When Aubrey was first starting to make some decisions about who she liked and who she didn't want to have anything to do with, Uncle Greg was top on the list of her , "I do not like you" list! Every time he would come into the room, she would start screaming. I call this progress! She now loves him!

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