Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Convo at my House Tonight

Kent: I'm starting the no carb diet. I am eating a grilled chicken salad tonight and an omelet tomorrow. Are you going to do it with me?

Me: *sigh* yes

Kent: What you don't want to eat healthy?

Me: I'm a b!$#@ when I don't eat carbs.

Kent: You're a b!$#@ when you're on any diet.

Me: What can I say, I love food!?!


Brandy and Jonathan Crumly said...

This is why I love weight watchers...and I started it back on Monday. I'm no good at giving things up altogether so WW works for me b/c I can have what I want, just in smaller portions as long as I account for it. So sometimes, I'll just save up my points for the weekend so I can splurge and eat pasta and bread!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Haha!!! I am exactly the same!!! x