Monday, September 14, 2009

Taylor Swift

Friday night, I took my friend Brooke to the Taylor Swift concert. Brooke turned 16 this summer and the tickets were her present. The only catch was that I was going too! :) The concert was a sell out, so I bought our tickets off of ebay. I got a great deal and only paid about $10 over the original cost. We were in the upper level about halfway down the civic center, so we really had a good view. A new group Gloriana opened up first and played for about 30 minutes. I have heard one of their songs and I really think they did a great job! I am going to look up more of their music.

Then Kellie Pickler played. I was very impressed! I could sing along with a couple of her songs.
But then it was time for the big act. In which I knew EVERY song...
We had such a great time! Even though Taylor is 17, you would never know it! She put on an incredibly great show! We didn't leave our seats until 11:15.
A couple of months ago, I watched a Dateline special on Taylor Swift and found out that she designed everything. From the wardrobe, to the lighting, to the special effects, etc. So now that I got to see it in person, it was great for it to come full circle.
At one point after one of the songs, the crowd was just going crazy! For about 5 minutes straight, she just looked like this:

Like she just couldn't believe everyone was that loud. She finally got everyone to hush and said that she would never forget that moment from Birmingham.

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Rebecca Louise. said...

I am seeing Taylor Swift in London this November in LDN. I cannot wait and I am so glad you had a good time. Made me more excited now! =)