Sunday, December 5, 2010

Catch Up

-Well, I must admit, I have let my blog go by the wayside. My life has been so filled with "stuff" that I really haven't made time for much computer time. I haven't been keeping up with blogs much less updating my own. Life has been complete chaos for the last couple of weeks and it doesn't look like I will have much down time until next year. Here's my December line up for the rest of the year. Other than working every other week, on my off weeks I will be saying hello to Mickey and friends in 9 days. I leave for Disney world with my family in a little over one week. I'm really excited about it! I'm just nervous that I signed up to stay with the parentals. Kent can't go, so my older sis and I are leaving when she gets off work next Tues evening. I'm not really looking forward to a 10 hour drive/ride, but it will all be worth it when I see tink fly out of the castle:). FYI-that's my favorite part! I come back just in time to go back to work for a week and shuffle myself around to see everyone for Christmas. It's really difficult to enjoy the holidays sleep deprived. But that's another drama filled post. Then, on my next Wednesday off, we head to the beach to celebrate the ringing in of 2011. I'm really looking forward to some good downtime spent on the balcony with some coffee and a good book. I still have a stack of new books that have yet to be cracked so my plan is to read 2. We'll see how that goes.
-A couple of weeks ago, Kent called and said he could get me tickets to the AL game vs Georgia State. It was on a Thurs night and I was off, so it just so happened that Loni already had a babysitter, so she and I had a girls night out to Tuscaloosa to cheer on the tide. We won really big and we went to eat at Pepito's-YUM!!! It was a lot of fun and for the first time in forever, Loni and I had a night out that did not include sewing, cutting fabric, making bows, and without husbands, children or dogs.
-This past Wednesday night, I had some friends over from work and hosted a Southern Living inspired party. It was so much fun and such good food and company! I cooked all day long starting with the desserts: Maple Brown Sugared Pecans, Peppermint Bark, & Salty Nut Brittle. Then I started with the roasted turkey, Maque Choux (really good corn dish), garlic and ginger green beans, & squash casserole. Everything turned out really delicious! Then I topped it off with some caramel apple cider. The only thing that was not homemade were the rolls. I was not about to tackle that one, so thank you sister shuberts!
-I was really happy yesterday for all of you Auburn tiger fans out there! I think that it would be really awesome to have 2 years of teams from the state to have the National Championship. Also, having 2 straight years of heisman trophy winners would be amazing! There is something to be said about how good the SEC teams have been doing these past few years! I love football Saturdays! I'm really liking football Sundays more and more too with the Saints. That's exactly what I'm doing now. Watching the Saints while Kent naps:) It's really a nail biter too! We just scored to go up by 4 with 30 seconds left-not that you care.
-I love my house decorated for Christmas! I catch myself just staring at my tree. Kent thinks that its all totally too much, but I really don't care. It makes me happy!
-Having 3 dogs in the house is a little too much most of the time. As I am typing this, Max is wandering around aimlessly and Lucy & Frankie are napping on top of Kent. It's too expensive too! Especially when 2 have constant pancreatitis requiring lab draws and special formula food and the other has to take arthritis meds. It's really ridiculous! And Kent wonders why we don't have any $$.

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