Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black Eyed Peas!!!

How much fun did I have you ask...OMG!!! SO much fun!!! I totally could've done without LMFAO though. I felt it very inappropriate to have a 10 yr old sitting next to me while the group is singing about positions in the bedroom, if you know what I mean! Then Ludacris came out and I couldn't believe how many of his older songs I knew. I must be a secret Luda fan-Haha!
Then the Black Eyed Peas came out. The effects, the lighting, everything was amazing! In the middle, each member took a few minutes and sang a little by themselves. During Fergie's part, she sang Fergilicious, Glamorous, and Big Girls Don't Cry. I don't think that I have ever sang that loud at a concert. Jennifer and I were singing at the top of our lungs having so much fun!

The encore was Boom Boom Pow and I Got A Feeling. This is one concert that I will never forget! Thanks Jennifer! I had a blast and can't wait till our next adventure!

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Rebecca Louise. said...

Argh man how cool! I am seeing them in London in May. I hope they have the same set! x